Towards energy transition and climate neutrality in the BSR municipalities

Meet our project partner - Tallinn University of Technology

03 January 2024
Technical details

Tallinn University of Technology is represented in the CommitClimate project by The Smart District Heating Systems and Integrated Assessment Analysis of Greenhouse Gases Emissions Group

Our group belongs to the Department of Energy Technology. The research group focuses on pioneering technical solutions for the evolution of district heating systems into intelligent, highly efficient, and renewable energy supply concepts. Additionally, the group conducts comprehensive assessments of greenhouse gas emissions. Their recent research activities include analyzing low-temperature district heating networks, conducting life cycle assessments and carbon footprint evaluation of energy systems.

The research group is actively involved in the CommitClimate project, playing a vital role in maintaining the technical quality control of the proposed modelling solution. We have undertaken the responsibility for a specific group of project activities, including customizing the template model to create country models tailored to the unique framework conditions and target group opinions in the four project countries (Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Sweden).

The aim of these activities is to enhance the template model based on experience gained during the development of national models and to provide a robust analytical framework for achieving the energy transition and climate neutrality goals in project countries. The group’s expertise in CO2 mitigation strategy development is also instrumental, as we work closely with municipal partners to select and integrate appropriate technical solutions into the model.

Moreover, the research group actively contributes to the project’s goals by sharing our knowledges and expertise related to heat/cold supply.

Research group members, involved in the project are professor of thermal engineering Anna Volkova and two early-stage researchers Kertu Lepiksaar and Janika Laht.

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