Towards energy transition and climate neutrality in the BSR municipalities

First National Workshop in Sweden

19 October 2023
Date: 12th December 2023, Online Half Day Event featuring 30 Municipalities from 4 Regions of South Sweden (Blekinge, Kronoberg, Kalmar, Skåne)
Technical details

An upcoming national workshop is on the horizon, and it will be a collaborative effort with the Southern Sweden Energy Agency – one of our associate partners. This event is set to bring together representatives from various municipalities across different regions for their routine monthly network meeting aimed at local advisors. At this gathering, they will exchange the most up-to-date information, discuss their existing plans and strategies, and provide a valuable channel for discussing broad aspects of energy management. During this virtual event, Sustainable Business Hub will provide a comprehensive detail about the CommitClimate project and highlight its numerous benefits. Furthermore, attendees can look forward to a live demonstration of our cutting-edge simulation. The workshop will be conducted online and will span half a day, ensuring that all participants have the opportunity to engage and acquire new knowledge.