Towards energy transition and climate neutrality in the BSR municipalities

First national workshop in Latvia

22 January 2024
Technical details

The CommitClimate coordinator RTU IESE hosted an online webinar titled “Climate Neutrality in Municipalities” on December 20. Municipalities play a crucial role in shaping local policies and initiatives. This workshop’s objective was to shed light on doable strategies for reaching climate neutrality in the direction of a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. During the event, RTU IESE researchers and academic staff shared their experiences and findings from the implemented research projects, and project manager Aiga Barisa presented the CommitClimate project and planned outcomes.

Topics discussed within the workshop:

  • Climate neutrality modeling at the national and municipal scale
  • Positive energy balance quarters
  • The important role of energy storage
  • Energy management and promotion of cooperation with citizens and companies
  • Indirect emissions and their calculation
  • Possibilities of using satellite data in environmental engineering
  • Valorization of CO2 in the regions

More than 30 participants from Latvian municipalities attended the online webinar. This was the first national workshop for municipal employees within the Interreg Baltic Sea region program project CommitClimate (full project title “Towards energy transition and climate neutrality in Baltic Sea region municipalities”). The next activities for local authorities are expected in 2024.

Presentations (in Latvian) from the webinar are available here.