Towards energy transition and climate neutrality in the BSR municipalities

First CommitClimate Simulator tests in Sweden

18 June 2024
Technical details

On 4th of June, eight Swedish municipalities gathered for a workshop to test the CommitClimate Simulator, a tool designed to help calculate and visualize carbon dioxide emissions within municipal borders. Developed as part of the CommitClimate project, the simulator aims to assist municipalities in making informed decisions by simulating the impact of various policy measures on future emissions.

In collaboration with Energikontor Syd and Sustainable Business Hub, the participants explored the tool’s functionalities and discussed its potential benefits. The simulator allows users to adjust variables such as building areas and energy sources. This ability to visualize different scenarios was particularly appreciated for its usefulness in strategic planning and decision-making. However, participants noted challenges in understanding the complex assumptions behind the model and the difficulty in gathering comprehensive data, especially for non-municipal properties.

To enhance user-friendliness, suggestions were made to align the tool better with readily available data and simplify its interface. Adding a “tip list” to guide users in finding necessary data was one of the practical ideas discussed. Despite these challenges, the tool’s potential to provide a clear basis for decision-making was recognized, with plans to make it accessible to citizens to foster greater public engagement and transparency in municipal climate strategies.

A simpler version of the tool is also being developed for household residents to learn how their actions impact the municipality’s climate footprint. This initiative aims to boost public involvement and support informed decision-making at a local level, ensuring that the CommitClimate Simulator becomes a valuable asset in the fight against climate change.