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Toolkit for measuring public acceptance coming out!

19 January 2024
Technical details

Urban Air Mobility Public Acceptance Toolkit’s first version has been published! The more detailed, piloted version will come out later this year.

The toolkit offers material for cities, their subsidiaries and for living labs as a launch basis for raising awareness and increasing knowledge of Urban Air Mobility (UAM), engaging citizens and measuring their opinions on the topic as well as putting UAM on the local agenda. It will be used in the six partner cities of the CITYAM project and the cities have been highly involved in developing the toolkit.

The toolkit includes surveys that address the needs of cities and target groups from different perspectives. The surveys contain questions on various topics considered to play a role in UAM adoption. There are questions related to  versatile topics such as safety, security, privacy, use cases, drone types, and noise and visual pollution.

The Toolkit also includes information on the survey’s roll-out (including timeline and minimum number of participants).

Photo: Forum Virium Helsinki / Vesa Laitinen