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The Future of Urban Air Mobility in Helsinki – A new study out!

17 May 2023
In Helsinki, urban aviation could constitute a 20–80 million euro service market by 2030. Last year, there were 30 000 drone flights and the sum will rise fast.
Technical details

A Study on the Future of Urban Air Mobility has been published in Helsinki. It is a milestone in the thinking on Urban Air Mobility and a big step towards a strategy and a roadmap.

Helsinki, with 665.000 inhabitants, already had an estimated 30 000 drone flights in the past year? With (cargo) flights beyond the visual line of sight due to increase in the next years, a strategic roadmap is needed. Not only for the capital of Finland, but in all cities and regions!

The insightful report provides among others a description of the municipality’s role as part of the urban air mobility ecosystem. Three different types of roles were identified, each with different measures that the city can implement or promote. During the next years of the CITYAM project, Helsinki, supported by it innovation subsidiary Forum Virium Helsinki, will seek to clarify its role and link it to concrete action points.

There are plenty of reasons for cities in general to start thinking of and planning for Urban Air Mobility. Helsinki is a peninsula with space as the main limiting factor for city development. Making better use of the airspace could therefore provide interesting opportunities.

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