CITYAM - Preparing cities for sustainable Urban Air Mobility

Preparing for Urban Air Mobility: report from Helsinki, Stockholm, and Hamburg

25 January 2024
Technical details

The development of urban air mobility and the use of drones is a fast-developing industry.  As the purpose of CITYAM is to prepare cities for an acceptable and sustainable up-scaling of the use of UAM (urban air mobility), the new report ‘The path towards the use cases, landing sites and plan of implementation’ goes through the process of implementing a drone operation in Stockholm, Helsinki, and Hamburg. 

The report outlines the process of identifying and selecting pilot use cases and finding suitable landing sites for drone operations in the three cities. It delves into the essential steps undertaken prior to pilot implementation, including a comprehensive analysis of existing drone operations, available landing site solutions, potential landing site locations, and proposed use cases. Furthermore, it outlines the necessary permission applications and functional specifications for drone operations and landing site infrastructure procurement.

The report also explores the scalability of specific use cases and landing sites to other partner cities and the broader Baltic Sea Region area. Based on commonalities among Helsinki, Stockholm, and Hamburg, it identifies the most feasible and attractive use cases for cities across the entire region. This information can guide future drone operations initiatives and contribute to the wider adoption of this technology in urban environments.