Circular nutrients for a sustainable Baltic Sea Region

CiNURGi Kick-off in Gothenburg 29 Nov – 1 Dec

02 February 2024
After the official start, on the 1st of November, the project CiNURGi did not waste time but had its Kick-off on 29th November – 1 December in Gothenburg.
Technical details

The kick-off began with a refresh of what CiNURGi is all about: promoting circular nutrient economy in the Baltic Sea Region by upgrading infrastructure and technology for enhanced nutrient recovery from agricultural, municipal and industrial sources. The project’s goal is to facilitate efficient nutrient use and promote recycled fertilizer products. The CiNURGi project’s kick-off event was attended by 37 persons from 24 partner organisations.

The primary focus of the kick-off meeting was to define the scope of work across work packages (WPs). WP1 focuses on gaining a comprehensive understanding of current practices in nutrient recycling (NR), exploring potential opportunities, assessing industry standards, and identifying market dynamics.

In WP 2, the focus is on the production of recycled nutrient fertilizers (RNFs) and the piloting of their implementation. This includes conducting pilots to evaluate the quality control and agronomic value of RNFs, as well as gauging the acceptance of NR. There will be several evaluation centres for RNF product quality control, and four field experiments conducted.

WP3 is dedicated to disseminating project solutions. In addition to regular project communication activities and promotion of evaluation centres and case-studies, a regional policy dialogue is initiated to enhance nutrient recycling practices.