Integrating criteria for chemicals, climate and circularity in procurement processes

Presentation of the ChemClimCircle project at this year's Procura+ conference in Lisbon

27 March 2024
Evelin Piirsalu presents the ChemClimCircle project at the Procura+ conference in Lisbon
Technical details

The ChemClimCircle project was recently presented at the Procura+ Conference 2024 in Lisbon. The Procura+ conference is a dynamic and unique meeting place for exchanging the latest information on high-quality, cost-effective, sustainable, circular and innovative procurement practices. The participants have a chance to exchange experience and advice and to network with other professionals in the field.

The ChemClimCircle approach and the guide were presented and discussed during the Market Lounge session, bringing three groups of participants to the table for 30 minutes. The session participants acknowledged that the ChemClimCircle approach is necessary because procurement processes often neglect the toxicity aspects. The guide was welcomed as a valuable tool in the procurers’ capacity building.

The participants had an interesting discussion on how the approach could be further developed. They also discussed the similarities and differences of approaches, processes, and concepts used in municipalities and other projects. The ChemClimCircle generated a lot of interest and the session participants were eager to learn more when the ChemClimCircle project outputs will be finalised and made available to the public.