Innovation in forestry biomass residue processing: towards circular forestry with added value products

PP meeting

13 June 2024
Technical details

Project partner from the University of Latvia (PP2) has visited the Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE, PP6) on May 23rd 2024. The meeting included getting acquainted with the infrastructure and R&D possibilities of Natural Resources Institute Finland, in addition to the research topics and directions in connection with forestry side-streams and non-timber forest products. Project partners have also discussed the ongoing activities and main outputs of the CEforestry and how the project results might contribute to circularity implementation within forestry sector. During the meeting project partners have also discussed the involvement and activation of target groups. Target groups are generally interested in various aspects and outcomes of CEforestry – companies within the biorefinery sector have indicated the need for understanding of extraction parameters and methodologies of different groups of substances present in logging residues. SME’s have also expressed their interest in extraction methods that can provide cleaner, more defined and characterised extract fractions which can be standardised and used in various activity guided nutraceutical and cosmeceutical applications – these goals can be achieved through implementation of environmentally conscious biorefinery approaches.bild