Innovation in forestry biomass residue processing: towards circular forestry with added value products

Extractions of spruce needle biomass

05 June 2024
Technical details

Simulated extractions with additional ultrasonic treatment were performed under analogous conditions. Biologically active compounds were determined by ultra-violet (UV) spectroscopy and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The final spruce needle extract technology is now ready to be used in pilot studies where we add the chemical extract to meat analogues.

We selected lactic acid bacteria strains for spruce needle biomass fermentation and we optimised the fermentation conditions. The final fermented spruce needle extract technology is ready to be used in pilot studies where the fermented extract will be added to meat analogues.

We have been actively working on extraction and extraction optimisation of spruce and pine needles and wood greenery to obtain lipophilic substances. The extracts have been fractionated and various analytical methods have been used to characterise them. The obtained extracts have been tested for their microbial activity as well as for anti-cancer activity on melanoma cells.