Baltic Sea Region Cultural Pearls for more resilient Cities and Regions
BSR Cultural Pearls

Surrounded by the citizens the fourth Cultural Pearl – Svendborg – receives the award

20 June 2024
On 31 May the last of the four BSR Cultural Pearls Awarding ceremonies took place in Svendborg, Denmark as part of the public event “Maritime Dage – Åben Ø” – two days showcasing and celebration of the maritime identity, love of sea and crafts.
Technical details

This event is organized by NGOs, artists, communities, local educational and private companies wanting to show, tell or involve the citizens and city guests in the marine activities and create cultural communities.

The “Svendborg – BSR Cultural Pearl 2024” – a bright and sunny summer day, started with a sing-along with a look on the historical boats and hundreds of relaxed people.

Project was represented by Mr Peter Holm Lindgaard from Varde Municipality, one of the twelve project partners. The award was received by Chairperson of the Council for Culture and Leisure of Svendborg Ms Hanne Ringgaard Møller. In her thank you speech she focused on her concerns about the young people, their self-confidence and hope to wake up in the morning and fight for a cultural and social quality of life. A life which is not only based on educational results, grades, and career.

Must be reminded that all initiatives in Svendborg Municipality’s Culture and Resilience action plan are specifically targeted for young people with the purpose of strengthening their community bonds through shared creative and cultural experiences, supporting young people’s ability to express themselves, have a voice, and make an impact in their surroundings as well as well as boosting the sense of rootedness through participation in a community.