Baltic Sea Region Cultural Pearls for more resilient Cities and Regions
BSR Cultural Pearls

Pilot of the BSR Cultural Pearls Programme and Title Launched

21 August 2023
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Technical details

The BSR Cultural Pearls’ objective is to bolster the capability of cities to increase social resilience through culture. It aids cities, towns, and municipalities in collaborating with their communities to enhance the quality of life, attractiveness, and well-being, whilst simultaneously reinforcing their international profile and visibility.

Every year, four nominees, each from a different Baltic Sea Region country, will be awarded the title of ”BSR Cultural Pearl by an international jury.

The first cities, municipalities, and other settlements are cordially invited to partake in the project’s pilot to vie for the inaugural BSR Cultural Pearl title, simultaneously assisting the partnership in developing this new initiative.

The application process for becoming a BSR Cultural Pearl, which launched on 10 August, comprises two phases: a Pre-Selection questionnaire designed to shortlist a finite group of candidates based on their suitability, enthusiasm, and potential, followed by a comprehensive application where the shortlisted candidates will be prompted to formulate a more intricate vision and programme using the Culture & Resilience Action Plan template. Those presenting the most compelling action plans will be honoured with the BSR Cultural Pearl title.

Subsequent to the selection process for the pilot, the distinguished BSR Cultural Pearls for 2024 will be unveiled on 1 December 2023.

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