Baltic Sea Region Cultural Pearls for more resilient Cities and Regions
BSR Cultural Pearls

First Cultural Pearls 2024 award ceremony taking place in Kiel

29 February 2024
On Friday, 1 March, the BSR Cultural Pearls 2024 local award ceremony will take place in Kiel to create momentum in the community and highlight culture-driven activities that the city will carry out in the title year to engage citizens, foster a sense of belonging and trust, and thereby fortifying community strength and social resilience.
Technical details


The awarding ceremony will open the first event Kiel is organising as a BSR Cultural Pearl – “Kieler Kulturkraft 2024”, a barcamp* on the topic of social cohesion with the participation of stakeholders from the arts and culture scene as well as social actors.

During the whole title year various events are to be held in Kiel using culture as a tool to bring people together and strengthen their sense of belonging to the place and the community. Members of the culture and creative sector (CCS) are invited to contribute with their thoughts and develop their own formats as part of the participatory barcamp, to support the city with new ideas for the implementation of the Culture and Resilience action plan in the focus areas such as:

  • strengthening children and young people through cultural learning;
  • reducing the social divide in society and culture;
  • promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities.

The BSR Cultural Pearls ceremony followed by the barcamp will be attended by the BSR Cultural Pearls project partners Mr Felix Schartner Giertta (project lead partner Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat) and Ms Kaarina Williams (Ministry for European Affairs of Land Schleswig-Holstein).

*A barcamp is an open conference on a topic whose content is developed and organised by the participants themselves.