The Baltic Sea Initiative for the Development of Business Activity of Refugee Women

Survey Results: Refugee Women in Sweden

12 June 2024
A recent survey conducted as part of the BSI_4Women project sheds light on the experiences and needs of refugee women in Sweden. The project, aimed at supporting entrepreneurial women, particularly those from war-affected countries, reveals critical insights into the challenges and aspirations of these resilient individuals.
Technical details

One of the most significant findings from the survey is the importance of language proficiency. Refugee women in Sweden highlighted the necessity of specialized language courses to help them integrate and find employment. Out of the 23 women surveyed in Sweden, many emphasized the need for language training tailored to professional and daily life needs.

Entrepreneurial Aspirations

The survey revealed a strong interest in entrepreneurship among refugee women. Seventeen participants expressed a desire for expert guidance on starting their own businesses. These women are eager to learn about the legal, financial, and practical aspects of setting up a business in Sweden. Workshops and expert consultations were identified as crucial resources to help them navigate these complexities.

Funding Challenges

Securing funding remains a significant barrier for many refugee women aspiring to start their businesses. Sixteen participants highlighted the need for workshops on obtaining financial support. Additionally, the idea of creating a dedicated grant fund for female refugee entrepreneurs received substantial support, with 19 women advocating for such an initiative.

Perception of Training Usefulness

The survey results show that refugee women in Sweden find the available training highly beneficial. Forty-three percent of respondents rated the training as very useful, while another forty percent considered it good and beneficial. These findings underscore the effectiveness of targeted training programs in empowering these women to achieve their professional goals.

Importance of Professional Growth

Professional development is a priority for many refugee women. In Sweden, 28% of the respondents considered it very important, and 33% deemed it significant. Participation in workshops and networking events not only enhances their skills but also helps them build a supportive community. These interactions are vital for their personal and professional growth, providing encouragement and practical advice.

Community and Psychological Support

Beyond professional challenges, the survey highlights the personal hurdles faced by refugee women, including trauma and loss. Psychological support, through counseling and support groups, is essential for their well-being. Local organizations play a crucial role in providing these services, helping women regain confidence and stability.

Legal Assistance

Understanding the asylum process and their rights in Sweden is critical for refugee women. Legal assistance helps them navigate the complexities of their new environment, ensuring they feel secure and informed about their status and opportunities.

The survey conducted by the BSI_4Women project provides valuable insights into the needs and potentials of refugee women in Sweden. Despite facing significant challenges, these women demonstrate remarkable resilience and determination. With the right support, including language training, business guidance, funding opportunities, and psychological and legal assistance, they are well-positioned to rebuild their lives and contribute positively to their new communities.

The findings highlight the importance of tailored support programs that address both professional and personal needs. By fostering an environment of inclusion and empowerment, Sweden can help refugee women not only survive but thrive, turning their aspirations into reality.