The Baltic Sea Initiative for the Development of Business Activity of Refugee Women

More and Romsdal County Council

06 July 2023
The presentation of the Project Partner from Norway.
Technical details

More and Romsdal County Council from Norway

The Scandinavian Partner of the BSI_4Women Project

About the Region 

Møre and Romsdal County is a rural region located in the northernmost part of Western Norway with approx. 268.000 inhabitants of which 15% are migrants (2387 Ukrainians). The county consists of 26 municipalities of different sizes, a challenging infrastructure and a typography of rural areas, fjords and mountains, valleys, and islands. Møre and Romsdal is the largest export county in Norway per capita with global businesses, especially within Blue Industry. The region has many micro and small enterprises placed in rural areas that have a need to grow their business to be sustainable.

Møre og Romsdal has the world’s most efficient shipyard industry for building advanced vessels, and a unique supplier industry within the maritime sector and oil and gas. With strong innovation companies and business clusters, there is much to be done to succeed in regional value creation in the years to come.

More and Romsdal County Council

Møre and Romsdal County Council is the popularly elected regional government which lays down the framework for the county’s activities. Is one of the largest employers in the county, with about 2,500 employees in the 23 upper secondary schools in the county, the 37 dental clinics, and in the administration at the County Hall in Molde and the offices at Kristiansund and Ålesund. The county council takes care of tasks that are too large for the municipalities or that go across municipal boundaries, and the tasks are solved in collaboration with municipalities, businesses, and organizations in the county. The county council’s most important tasks today are upper secondary education, transport, dental health services, regional planning and development, business development, management of regional development funds, culture and cultural heritage management, public health, and international work.

Our current Master Plan (2021-2024) is based on the UN’s sustainability goals. All other plans need to be aligned with its four long-term development goals and their belonging objectives.

Business development

In Møre og Romsdal County we have a successful partnership for more and better entrepreneurs called “”.  The practice highlights how the County Council managed to setup and operate since 2007, in the framework of a formalized collaboration with all the municipalities and Innovation Norway, a first line service for entrepreneurs which is unique in Norway.

We work to develop our region through continual contributions tied to business development, entrepreneurship, value creation, innovation, and research. Among our development tools, we have different grants and funds for a wide variety of target groups and initiatives, but we also provide resources for coordinating and cooperating in regional development projects.



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