The Baltic Sea Initiative for the Development of Business Activity of Refugee Women

Launch of Business Start Ukraine in Dalarna

08 April 2024
In an inspiring move to support Ukrainian citizens residing in Dalarna, Sweden, the innovative program Business Start Ukraine (BSU) was launched yesterday. Aimed at fostering entrepreneurship among this vibrant community, the initiative offers a series of workshops that promise to be a breeding ground for business innovation and development.
Technical details

Launch of Business Start Ukraine in Dalarna

Empowering Ukrainian Citizens through Entrepreneurship

Under the guidance of project manager Ann-Louise Larsson, BSI_4Women, the BSU is not just a workshop series; it’s a prototype for inspiration and entrepreneurial development. “We are currently running a prototype where we aim to inspire participants to develop entrepreneurial ideas that could lead to their own businesses. Many participants have previously owned businesses and are accustomed to working across various industries. However, the challenge now is to integrate business cultures between Sweden and Ukraine, a situation that presents both challenges and opportunities,” says Larsson.

The workshops are designed to be interactive and empowering, allowing participants to test and develop solutions, services, and products. With a focus on inspiration, innovation, and information, the BSU is a fertile ground for Ukrainians in Dalarna to cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit.

Recognizing the importance of accessibility and comfort for the participants, all sessions are conducted in English and Ukrainian. This bilingual approach ensures that participants can fully engage with the content, understand the nuances of the discussions, and express their ideas freely.

Business Start Ukraine represents a significant and practical support system for Ukrainian citizens in Dalarna looking to navigate the world of entrepreneurship. By blending cultural insights with business acumen and offering a platform for innovation, the initiative not only aids in personal development but also contributes to the broader integration of Ukrainian business culture with that of Sweden. As the workshops unfold over the spring, the anticipation grows for the innovative ideas and enterprises that will emerge from this collaborative environment.