The Baltic Sea Initiative for the Development of Business Activity of Refugee Women

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs at the "Building Bridges: Contribution to Peaceful Societies" Even

09 July 2024
On 2-3 July 2024, the inspiring "Building Bridges: Social Economy Contribution to Peaceful Societies" event was hosted in Coop Brussels. This public gathering spotlighted the P-E-A-C-E’22 project, a significant initiative aimed at empowering Lithuanian and European organizations working with migrants. The primary goal is to enhance social inclusion and labor market integration by fostering inter-community dialogue and providing participants with essential skills.
Technical details

The event provided a dynamic platform for dialogue among international and European institutions, along with practitioners in the field. They shared success stories of social economy organizations actively promoting peaceful societies through community engagement, shared solutions, and the socio-economic empowerment of vulnerable groups. The panel discussion aimed to raise awareness within institutions and the social economy ecosystem about the innovative contributions these organizations bring to peacebuilding.


Highlighting the BSI_4Women Project


The BSI_4Women project was prominently featured, showcasing its efforts to create a supportive economic environment for women entrepreneurs and innovators from Ukraine. The key components of this project include:

  • Enhancing Entrepreneurial Skills: Equipping refugee women with the skills necessary for economic independence, self-employment, and self-realization.
  • Inviting to the Incubation Program: An innovative business setup program designed to nurture new ventures.
  • Providing Funding Opportunities: Offering participants financial support to kickstart their businesses.
  • A Powerful Gathering for Peaceful and Inclusive Societies

The event underscored the critical role of collective efforts in fostering peaceful and inclusive societies. Through initiatives like P-E-A-C-E’22 and BSI_4Women, the event highlighted the transformative potential of empowering women entrepreneurs and fostering international collaboration for a brighter future.


These initiatives demonstrate that through inter-community dialogue and socio-economic empowerment, it is possible to build bridges between communities and create a more inclusive and peaceful society. The event served as a powerful reminder of the impact that social economy organizations can have in peacebuilding and community development, offering a hopeful vision for the future.