Baltic Approaches to Handling Plastic Pollution under a Circular Economy Context

This was the Bergedorf Climate Week!

07 May 2024
This event organized by Baltic Environmental Forum Germany, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, KuBus e.V., plastic-free city initiative and Bergedorf district office brought together the BALTIPLAST project with local community for protecting the Baltic Sea Region against plastic pollution.
Technical details

We can happily announce that Climate Week Bergedorf  was an absolute success! With a variety of events focusing on the fight against plastic pollution in the Baltic Sea region, we effectively raised awareness among individuals about this crucial issue. A total of around 500 people attended the Climate Week!

The opening of the week by Environmental Senator Jens Kerstan of the Ministry for the Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture and the head of the Bergedorf district office Cornelia Schmidt-Hoffmann at the PLIETSCH, an artists’ and craftspeople’s house in Bergedorf old town, was a successful start to a series of inspiring workshops and discussions. Particularly noteworthy were the free consultations on energy transition topics, the inspiring discussions, the DIY deodorant workshop and the screening of the movie PLASTIC FANTASTIC, which was well received by many interested guests. The pop-up café at PLIETSCH was an excellent addition to our activities!

Our thanks go to all participants, organizers and volunteers who helped to make this Climate Week such a successful event. We are confident that the ideas gathered and the awareness raised will have a lasting impact on the local community and beyond.