Baltic Approaches to Handling Plastic Pollution under a Circular Economy Context

Seminar on Waste Sorting and Management

12 December 2023
On 24th November this year, municipal employees had the opportunity to participate in a seminar on waste sorting and management in Daugavpils municipality, as well as in the entire Latgale region.
Technical details

During the event, our participants could hear presentations by an education specialist from AADSO Ltd, as well as a BALTIPLAST project expert on plastic waste worldwide, the use of single-use plastics, and on proper waste sorting.

The aim of this event as part of the BALTIPLAST project, was to inform the public about the measures that can be implemented to reduce single-use plastic waste in households, offices, and on the streets as well as to increase the amount of recycled plastic, thus contributing to the reduction of plastic waste in the Baltic Sea Region. Our project focuses on responsible use of resources, changing mindsets, and consumer behavior.

The project will continue until December 2025. Together with our partners, we will continue to organize trainings and awareness-raising activities as well as to work on improving waste management and reducing single-use plastic waste in all partner countries, involving citizens, schools and businesses. Make sure to follow us our website to stay informed about upcoming events.