Baltic Approaches to Handling Plastic Pollution under a Circular Economy Context

Kick-off of the Plastic Challenge in Sweden

23 April 2024
Technical details

The first pilot of the Plastic Challenge for households in Sweden had its kick-off on the 10th of April 2024 in Västerås, Sweden, with an active group of participant households keen to start the challenge.

The aim of the Plastic Challenge is for households to get a picture of their plastic waste and see if they can change their plastic consumption patterns. They do so by following three steps. First, they check what types of plastics end up in their waste bins and recycle bins during the first two weeks and see how much they weigh. Then, through tips, challenges and coaching by mail, they try out new ways for their plastic consumption behaviour for four weeks. And last, they check their plastic waste again during the last two weeks and see if something has changed.

The purpose of the kick-off event was to provide the participants with a good overview of the program and to explain what they needed to do in each step. The aim was also for the participants to meet each other, and get a group feeling and an understanding of what is motivating the others to participate as well as themselves. On the agenda was also a quick dive into the world of plastics and why plastics could be a problem. They also got basic info about how to sort different kinds of plastics, even though this is not mainly a recycling project but a project aiming to change consumption behaviours. Before leaving they also got the practical things they need – the templates that they need to fill out during the inventories, the list with our tips and a scale.

In total 17 people representing 15 households participated in the kick-off. Yet another 20 households could not come to the kick-off but will still be part of the program. The room had a good vibe with participants eager to learn more about plastics and sorting and keen to start the challenge. We left the event with a good feeling, looking forward to following the group through the program.

The Swedish Consumers´ Association organised the kick-off and Hillevi Persson and Erika Granstrand guided the participants through the evening and step by step through the Plastic Challenge program. The municipality of Västerås was also represented by Eva Kruse and the housing company Mimer and Maria Eberhardsson hosted the event in the restaurant at Navet in Västerås.