Baltic Approaches to Handling Plastic Pollution under a Circular Economy Context

Challenges and Opportunities of Plastic Waste Management in the Baltic Sea Region and Innovative Materials

31 May 2024
Technical details

Local waste management operators, municipalities, and public companies came together to discuss better ways to manage plastic waste on the 22nd of May 2024 in Daugavpils, Latvia. The workshop covered a range of topics and shared ideas for improvement.

The first part of the workshop focused on the role and potential of bioplastics in society, highlighting the environmental, social, and business aspects of their production and waste management. It was clear that using bioplastics could help us manage our resources more sustainably.

We also talked about circular economy practices in the plastic industry. We shared success stories and practical solutions that are already making a difference in our region. These ideas showed us how we can make plastic production and management more sustainable.

One exciting part of the workshop was learning about the new technology called NIR (Near-Infrared Microscopy). The innovative Trinamix tool using this technology can help us sort plastic waste better and increase recycling rates. This is a promising step forward in managing plastic waste more efficiently.

The discussions and insights shared were invaluable, and we are excited about the future possibilities in improving plastic waste management. By working together and being open to new ideas, we can make our communities cleaner and greener. Let’s keep working towards a better future for all of us.