Baltic Approaches to Handling Plastic Pollution under a Circular Economy Context

Back to school campaign

19 March 2024
Daugavpils City Municipality joined the back to school campaign, guiding pupil on how to use their academic knowledge to solve complex challenges of our society.
Technical details

The launch event of the Back to School/Back to University 2024 campaign commenced on March 1st in Daugavpils, Latvia, drawing together a gathering of over 200 students and nearly 20 expert lesson leaders. Unlike adults who typically focus on a single area in their daily work, students and pupils delve into multiple subjects simultaneously, fostering a diverse learning experience and becoming the perfect candidate to solve complex challenges like plastic pollution.

During the event, experts undertook the task of listening to students’ queries, providing explanations, engaging, motivating, and most importantly, bridging the gap between academic learning and real-world applications. Olga Tolmačova, representing the Development Department of Daugavpils City Municipality, participated as an expert, utilising the occasion to introduce the BALTIPLAST project to the participants.

The EU-wide “Back to School/Back to University” campaign originated in Germany in 2007 and has since then spread across the European Union. In Latvia, this campaign marks its 16th consecutive year, with over 1000 experts having visited schools and universities. These experts have played a vital role in acquainting Latvian pupils and students with EU issues across various domains, exposing them to a plethora of professions and skills, igniting aspirations for career paths, nurturing interest in European affairs, and urging everyone to seize opportunities to effect positive change.

As the campaign unfolds, it promises to continue enriching the educational landscape of Latvia, empowering the youth with knowledge and insights crucial for their personal and professional growth.

This event was organized by Europe Direct Dienvidlatgale.