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Baltic Sea2Land

Hamburg to Fehmarn: A Successful Baltic Sea2Land Project Meeting in Germany

14 June 2024
From May 14 to May 16, the Baltic Sea2Land project partners gathered in Germany for a productive and insightful meeting. This event, focusing on the development of the Sea2Land Navigator tool and the exploration of land-sea interactions, took place in two key locations: Hamburg and Fehmarn Island.
Technical details


Advancing the Sea2Land Navigator and discussing topicalities

First part of the meeting took place in vibrant and inspiring settings of Hamburg. The primary focus was on the Sea2Land Navigator tool, a critical component in understanding and managing the interactions between land and sea in the Baltic region and the main solution our project is developing. Participants engaged in intensive discussions on multi-level governance settings and their implications for the Baltic Sea region, as well as data issues, ways how to share best practice examples & experiences and other critical issues to ensure the Sea2Land Navigator properly addresses the myriad of topics crucial to maritime and coastal planners. These sessions provided valuable insights and laid the groundwork for future developments.

Exploring Fehmarn Island

Following the fruitful discussions in Hamburg, the team travelled to Fehmarn Island, one of the pilot cases for the Baltic Sea2Land project. Known for its ambitious energy independence goals, high seasonal tourism demand, and significant nature conservation values, Fehmarn Island presented a unique case study.

During the field trip, participants learned about the challenges faced by the local community, including the availability of services and limited transport connections to mainland Germany. The decline of fishing industry and increasing demand from tourism sector was also discussed. The team explored some of the future plans of the island, such as the development of a new tunnel to Denmark, aimed at enhancing the island’s connectivity and economic prospects. Read more about the Fehmarn island case study here.

Looking forward to continuing our successful collaboration!

The meeting was a resounding success, thanks to the inspiring and active participation of all attendees. Project team face-to-face are invaluable for sharing experiences and learning from each other, and this meeting was no exception. Special thanks go to the Baltic Environmental Forum-Germany and the City of Fehmarn teams for their warm welcome and thoughtful organization of the event.

We are looking forward to continuing our joint work to help build a sustainable future for the Baltic Sea. Stay tuned for more updates on the Baltic Sea2Land project and our ongoing initiatives.