Fostering integrated governance for the joint sustainable use of human and natural capital in the near shore zone
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Finalising year 2023 with our first project deliverable - the Multi-Level Governance Implementation Plan!

05 January 2024
The Multi-Level Governance Implementation Plan reflects the collaborative work of project partners and associated partners under Activity 1.1 "Tailoring the Multi-Level Governance Agenda for Integrated and Sustainable Coastal Development" of the project. It draws together the results of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme project Land-Sea-Act and a wide range of other projects, research, case studies and partner experience to design the Multi-Level Governance Tool.
Technical details


We have finished 2023 strong – with a publication of our first project deliverable the Multi-Level Governance Implementation Plan! This means that we can now go into 2024 ready for what is to come with the waves of our project pilots. We have brought together a wide range of governance guidance, research, case studies and our own practical experiences in coastal and maritime governance to create the Multi-Level Governance Tool.

The Tool will help our piloting partners Navigate the waters of complex coastal stakeholder and sectoral relationships, looking for actors who may have been overlooked in the past and employing new approaches to collaboration. As our colleagues test the waters of such complexity, the Multi-Level Governance Implementation Plan will guide the use of their experiences and feedback to turn the Multi-Level Governance Tool into an interactive digital experience as part of the Sea2Land Navigator Platform (where it will be available for a wider user base).

To find out more about the Multi-Level Governance Tool and the Multi-Level Governance Implementation Plan, have a look at the Publications on our Solutions page!