Fostering integrated governance for the joint sustainable use of human and natural capital in the near shore zone
Baltic Sea2Land

Baltic Sea2Land project in Mission Arena 2

06 June 2024
Baltic Sea2Land project team was happy to be a part of Blue Mission Arena 2 event that took place in Riga, Latvia from April 25 to April 26. The event, hosted by BlueMissionBANOS, brought together nearly 200 participants from Baltic Sea region and beyond to discuss, collaborate and vote for top actions in six policy fields related to the future of the Baltic Sea.
Technical details

Baltic Sea2Land project was represented by partners from Latvia and Estonia.

On April 25 Saaremaa project team showcased the Saaremaa pilot case that focuses on creating a framework for integrated planning of coastal and maritime activities and outlined the main goal of the project, that is – to balance the interests of the sustainable blue economy sectors, nature conservation, and local communities with the interests of different stakeholders.

On April 26 Baltic Sea2Land project co-hosted a workshop that focused on leisure boating and tourism development issues in the Baltic Sea region. Tourism development that is in line with nature conservation goals, as well local community interests is one of the key topics when it comes to sustainable development of blue economy in the Baltic Sea region.

Overall, we are glad that we had a chance to be a part of the inspiring large-scale Blue Mission Arena2 event that brought together stakeholders and experts from all over the Baltic Sea region. The event gave us chance to promote the work we are doing in the Baltic Sea2Land to a wider audience, as well as to share our experience and learn from others.

Blue Mission BANOS initiative aims to facilitate the development of a sustainable, carbon-neutral, and circular blue economy in the Baltic and North Sea by connecting national, regional, and transnational actors from policy, industry, science and the public, creating a conducive governance model to innovation. It is expexted that defined actions actions will increase awareness, showcase opportunities, and inspire stakeholders to actively contribute to preserving the Oceans, Seas and Waters until 2030 and beyond.

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