Homogenized marine gravity maps of southern and eastern Baltic Sea for modern 3D applications in marine geodesy, geology and navigation

BalMarGrav: 8th on-line meeting

16 June 2023
May 25, 2023
Technical details

The 8th on-line meeting of the BalMarGrav project was held on May 25, 2023 and gathered 17 participants from Project Partners and Associated Organizations. During the meeting Monika Wilde-Piórko (IGiK, Poland) has informed that the Progress Report 1 has been approved on May 24, 2023. Next, Arkadiusz Tomczak (MUS, Poland) has discussed a detailed plan of gravimetric campaign on the waters of Poland, Denmark and Lithuania. It is planned from 5th to 16th of June 2023. The ownership/intellectual property to the marine gravity data measured and processed during the project on the waters of Latvia have  been discussed during the on-line a meeting on April 28, 2023 with IGiK, LGIA and Lantmäteriet representatives. The on-line meeting about the historical marine gravity data was held on May 4, 2023 – representatives of BKG, DTU, FGI, IGiK, PGI-NRI, TalTech, VGTU are present and discussed in detailed on the ownership of the historical marine gravity data, as well as area limits and a grid spacing of the re-processed historical data.