Homogenized marine gravity maps of southern and eastern Baltic Sea for modern 3D applications in marine geodesy, geology and navigation

BalMarGrav: 18th on-line meeting

29 April 2024
April 25, 2024
Technical details

The 18th on-line meeting of the BalMarGrav project was held on April 25, 2024 and gathered 18 participants from the Project Partners and Associated Organisations. At the beginning of the meeting Monika Wilde-Piórko (IGiK, Poland) has briefly summarized the status of Progress Report 3 preparation. Next, she has presented a statistics of overlapping historical gravity data. This led to a discussion on whether and how, if any, some of historical marine gravity data should be shifted. A further search will be made for programmes that can co-finance work on gravimetric measurements and implementation of height system based on a geoid model in the area of Baltic Sea, as far ESA does not offer such a programme either.