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What about emotions? Musical Vertigo workshop launched in Chojna

10 April 2024
The second series of Art on Prescription Musical Vertigo workshops for young people aged 16-19 started this week in Chojna (Poland).
Technical details

The workshops are part of the second pilot cycle of the Art on Prescription in the Baltic Sea Region project with seven Arts on Prescription pilot programmes that are currently tested in cities and regions in Denmark, Germany, Poland, Latvia and Sweden. The Musical Vertigo workshops carried out by the West Pomeranian region are designed for young people dealing with mild to moderate mental health problems such as stress, anxiety or depression as well as those at risk of developing such conditions (e.g. due to loneliness). In addition to the social aspect, they get the chance to learn about the working methods of actors and directors and are provided with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of theater and musicals. In this edition, participants will have the opportunity to learn dance techniques, acting skills, the secrets of photography and the art of stage make-up, among other things.

The first meeting in the beginning of April allowed the young people to learn more about themselves and the emotions that define their daily lives. There was a bit of stress in opening up to others and a lot of laughter in overcoming own barriers and expressing emotions without words. During a meeting with Sylwia Różycka – a musical and dramatic actress, owner of the START Foundation and cultural facilitiator of the Musical Vertgio workshop – the participants learned how to use their own potential to live better. Although it was an exhausting training workshop, the participants shouted, danced, hugged trees, learned acting techniques and left the workshop with a smile.


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