Improved risk assessment for strategic water management to reduce micro-pollutant emissions in the Baltic Sea Region

Congrats to our Swedish partner: National Kemira-prize acknowledges achievements

03 April 2024
Technical details

Recently, the Swedish Water Association awarded prizes for outstanding achievements in recognition of significant contributions to Sweden’s water challenges. This year, we are very pleased to hear that our project partner Ola Svahn (Kristianstad University) has been awarded the Kemira Prize! Actually, we already knew about his great expertise and the extensive work he does for his field. However, we are very happy to hear that this has now been officially recognised by Swedish experts!

The motivation:

“For almost 10 years, Ola has done an enormous work to raise awareness and knowledge on the analysis of organic micropollutants. He has worked together with Universities, authorities, consultants and Environmental protection agencies. Always with an improved water environment in focus. He has been responsible for national calibration studies and contributions of a large number of studies and scientific works. His patience and fantastic pedagogical qualities have caused the water industry to pay attention to the importance of chemical analysis, which has strongly contributed to the Swedish water association being well prepared for the new water directive.”

Once again: Congratulations to our project partner Ola! Great to have you on board for APRIORA.