Improved risk assessment for strategic water management to reduce micro-pollutant emissions in the Baltic Sea Region

Call for stakeholder participation: Monitoring Survey

31 January 2024
Technical details

Open until February 9th, target groups are welcome to share their experiences in monitoring practices in an online questionnaire (see LINK)! This is a part of the project APRIORA, supported by Interreg Baltic Sea Region funding.

The objective of this questionnaire is to identify monitoring practices employed for active pharmaceutical ingredients or hormones within the Baltic Sea Region. The gathered responses will help identify best practices. The questionnaire targets environmental authorities at various levels (national, regional, local) involved in environmental monitoring, screening campaigns, environmental permits, or pollution management. Additionally, the questionnaire aims to engage point sources, such as wastewater treatment plants.

The questionnaire consists mainly of multiple-choice questions, with additional fields to elaborate on the answers. The total number of questions may vary based on your responses, but may include a maximum of 62 questions. All relevant information and views are welcomed!