Model Nutrients Reduction Solutions In Near-Coast Touristic Areas

Pilot 1: Jūrkalne, Latvia

05 January 2024
The pilot site is located in the village of Jūrkalne, Ventspils Municipality which is visited by many tourists and visitors during the tourist season. This creates seasonal problems in wastewater treatment due to changing pollution levels and the inflow of wastewater into the Jūrkalne wastewater treatment plant.
Technical details


Village of Jūrkalne, Latvia

The technology used in the pilot:

The pilot uses a nanobubble solution in the biological part of the wastewater treatment, potentially allowing the wastewater treatment plant to be scaled down to its current size and more efficiently delivering dissolved oxygen to the micro-organisms that treat the polluting nutrients. This is particularly important with changing pollutant loads in untreated wastewater during tourist seasons.

About the pilot:

The village of Jūrkalne is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Latvia due to its geographical location by the Baltic Sea and beautiful natural views. During the tourist season, it is difficult to predict the nature of untreated sewage pollution in the wastewater treatment plants in Jūrkalne village, which is typically higher than in other seasons. For these facilities to successfully meet the environmental requirements during the tourist season, a lot of effort and planning is currently required for short term capacity expansion solutions, which are not rational in the long term. It is, therefore, necessary to find compact and easy-to-maintain solutions so that wastewater treatment can be carried out during the tourist season in a simple way and in a way that does not increase operating costs in the long term.

More information:

Read more about the project from the report “Technical preparation for wastewater treatment investments at BSR tourist destinations”.