Model Nutrients Reduction Solutions In Near-Coast Touristic Areas

Pilot 2: Barösund, Finland

27 February 2024
Technical details

The pilot site Bärosund marina is located in the Bärosund strait in Ingå, between the islands of Barölandet and Orslandet on the coast of southern Finland. During the high season, the amount of wastewater handled by the Barösund marina’s water supply exceeds the capacity of the local small-scale treatment plant. For this reason, solutions have been sought both in terms of saving water and increasing the cleaning capacity.


Bärosund, Finland

The technology used in the pilot:

Three small-scale wastewater treatment plant options have been offered for the Barösund area. The novel small-scale treatment plants using new technology should meet the environmental, social, and economic criteria supporting local applicability and cost effectively guarantee effective nitrogen and phosphorus removal properties.

About the pilot:

The activities in the harbour area are active mainly in the summer, during the boating season. One can get to the marina by car across the
strait at the port. The port area and its functions have been developed over the past few years and the area will be further developed. As a result, the capacity of the current wastewater system has become small during the high season. In the surroundings of the Bärosund harbour area, there is a shop, a cafe, a restaurant, a service building, a clubhouse, a boat pier, as well as accommodation, a padel court, and meeting activities.

11 properties have joined the Barösund water cooperative’s water supply, four of which are in year-round use (about 20 residents). During the summer, 100-200 tourists visit the area every day. The highest number of visitors are on weekends. The amount of wastewater generated during the tourist season exceeds the capacity of the treatment plant, so the water has been led to a holding tank and transported from there for further treatment. The area’s water use is about 1000 m3 per year, but the monthly variation is large and most of the water use is in the summertime.

More information:

Read more about the project from the report “Technical preparation for wastewater treatment investments at BSR tourist destinations”.