25 September 2023

Small steps for a big change! Work in progress 

Written by Anna Gałyga

How to implement a project in a successful manner? Lead partners of Interreg Baltic Sea Region small projects selected in the second call for applications met in Rostock on 20-21 September 2023 to find out.

From an application form to implementing the project in practice

After developing visions of how to respond to the existing challenges in the region, lead partners and partners of small projects selected in April kicked off their activities around summer. During the seminar held in Rostock, the projects received a comprehensive information package and practical tips on how to run their project activities smoothly in the upcoming months.

The seminar was a great opportunity to get familiarised with the Programme terminology and steps in the project implementation. The received information will guide the projects in driving the content of project activities successfully and shaping proper communication around them. An important part was also a detailed explanation of handling the financial aspects of the project.

Being part of an Interreg community

The Rostock seminar was more than about pure knowledge acquisition though. It was so much about meeting the other projects and getting to know the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat staff. As the projects only recently started their Interreg journey, it was important to reassure them about the strong Interreg community behind anything they do. Learning about other projects in the room but also the other ongoing projects in the Programme has opened the door for new layers of cooperation and synergies for the future.

Interreg projects do not operate in a vacuum. In addition to pan-Baltic organisations active in the region, the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region adds to the political framework. So far, all projects in the current Programme have successfully contributed to the implementation of the Strategy and helped save the Baltic Sea and improve connectivity and prosperity in the region. But how can it work in practice? The policy area coordinators Culture, Health and Tourism attended the seminar in Rostock to set common cooperation grounds and explore – together – how the Strategy can help projects in the project implementation and spreading results while, at the same time, pushing the aims of the Strategy forward.

Interreg Cooperation Day!

The Lead Partner Seminar took place on a special day for the whole Interreg community: the Interreg Cooperation Day. Although Interreg cooperation is implemented on a practical level in every single project activity, it is important to realise its true value. The seminar participants, team members of the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat and policy area coordinators enjoyed a sunny Rostock weather to take a joint picture and spread the good word about Interreg: how great it is to work beyond borders on solutions that matter and make our region green and resilient. Happy Interreg Cooperation Day, everyone!


Many of our small projects you can already find in our project library: find them and keep track of their progress! 

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