Webinar on good quality projects (shaping content and planning finances)

Virtual event
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The webinar on good quality projects is divided into two parts: shaping content & planning finances: you can attend both parts or only one of them. Read the description below and make a decision:

Webinar part 1: Unlock Success. Crafting Content for Good Quality Core Project

24 January 2024
09:00 - 12:30 (CET)

Are you ready to learn all the secrets behind shaping good quality core projects in our Programme? Delve into the details through our specially designed webinar just for you!

  • Define Your Challenge: Learn the art of clearly defining your project challenge. Discover how a well-defined challenge is the cornerstone of a successful project.
  • Role of Target Groups: Understand the crucial role your target groups play in project success. Dive into strategies to engage and mobilise them effectively.
  • Building Strong Partnerships: Explore the key elements of building robust partnerships.
  • Developing a Work Plan: Unravel the mysteries of crafting a work plan that paves the way for tangible solutions, actively contributing to overcoming the challenge addressed.
  • Practical Examples: We don't just talk theory! Immerse yourself in numerous real examples, dissecting successful projects to understand what makes them tick.
  • Interactive Session: Share your challenges, ask questions, and collaboratively explore solutions. Your active participation is encouraged!
  • Application process: We will guide you through the crucial deadlines and important steps of preparing and submitting your application. We will make sure that you're well-prepared to embark on this adventure.


Webinar part 2: Master Financial Excellence. Your Guide to Core Project Finances

25 January 2024
09:00 - 12:30 (CET)

Are you gearing up for a core project in the third call? Dive into the financial intricacies with our webinar tailored just for you!

  • Eligibility of Costs: Unravel the mystery of eligible costs. Learn how to navigate and optimise your budget for a successful project journey.
  • State Aid Approach: Gain insights into the State aid approach and how it can be harnessed to support your core project.
  • Cost Categories in Budget Planning: Explore the whole range of cost categories in your budget.
  • Basic Reporting Principles: Understand the fundamentals of reporting. Learn to convey your project's financial narrative effectively and transparently.
  • Interactive Session: Share your challenges, ask questions, and collaboratively explore solutions. Your active participation is encouraged!


You couldn't be with us? Here's the presentation for download. 


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