UBC Talks - Funding for innovative and climate-smart cities

Project: Arts on Prescription
Virtual event
UBC TALKS is a webinar series to discuss various sustainability topics in the Baltic Sea Region.


The UBC TALKS webinar on 27 February at 09.30-11.00 CET will bring inspiration and knowledge needed to start transnational cooperation and to secure funding for actions leading to innovative and climate-smart cities!

This webinar, organised together with the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme, will share insights on the open call for funding and bring you ideas on how transnational projects can help make the positive change in the urban environments. Register to the open webinar!

AoP Lead Partner, Stine Keiding (Odense Kommune), is invited as a speaker to share her experience with city initiatives to illuminate the benefits of the Intereg BSR funding and to demonstrate how transnational projects bring positive change locally.

More information: https://www.ubc-sustainable.net/events/ubc-talks-about-funding-innovative-and-climate-smart-cities


    09.30–09.40 Welcome to the UBC TALKS webinar
    Mariia Andreeva, UBC Sustainable Cities Commission
    09.40–09.55 UBC talks with Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme
    Monika Cholewczyńska-Dmitruk, Marshal’s office of Pomorskie Region,
    Monitoring Committee
    Ronald Lieske, Director, MA/JS
    Moderated by Mariia Andreeva, UBC Sustainable Cities Commission
    09.55–10.05 Introduction to the Interreg BSR Programme
    Ekaterina Latysheva, Project Officer
    10.05–10.25 Towards More Innovative Cities in BSR
    Laura Ligazzolo, Programme Manager/Project Officer
    Project pitch (Arts on Prescription)
    10.25–10.45 Towards More Climate-Neutral Cities in BSR
    Orsolya Schulz, Deputy Team Leader/Senior Project Officer
    Project pitch (SUMPs for BSR)
    10.45–10.55 Q&A, discussion
    10.55–11.00 Open call for funding: how to prepare and apply?


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