Seminar for caterers on the introduction of a container deposit system at city festivals (in Latvian)

Physical Meeting
Take part in a seminar about introducing deposit cups in city festivals!


Valmiera Municipality Government and Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences invite entrepreneurs - catering service providers - and other interested parties to participate in a discussion seminar on the introduction of the deposit system in the city festival catering service. The event will take place on February 26th at 14.00-17.00 (EET) in the Valmiermuiža alus guest room, Dzirnavu iela 2, Valmiermuiža.

In order to reduce the amount of waste generated during the festivities and to reduce the consumption of disposable containers, the Valmiera Municipality Government plans to introduce a container deposit system during the Valmiera City Festival. Data show that disposable plastic cups are the most littered items during the city festival. This means that the introduction of a deposit system would significantly reduce the amount of waste generated.

The introduction of a deposit scheme would mean the use of reusable containers in catering services. The design and implementation of such a system requires prior discussion and negotiation to ensure that the resulting solution is convenient and acceptable to all parties involved in the service.

The event will be attended by the Patapa association, which has been providing a deposit system at public events for several years, while Valmiermuižas alus Ltd, as a service provider, will share its experience of participating in events where a deposit system has been introduced. Also at the event:

  • we will educate about the container challenge (environmental impact, benefits of the deposit system);
  • inform about the progress of Valmiera Municipality Government;
  • provide an environment for discussion on the development of a catering service system for public events in the municipality of Valmiera;
  • identify the needs, vision, opportunities, uncertainties and challenges of catering service providers;
  • discuss the possibilities for the development of reusable food delivery systems.

Not only caterers, but also other interested parties are welcome to join the discussion. You can register for the discussion until 22 February by filling in the form here. Participation is free of charge. Places are limited.

Working language LATVIAN.


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