Interreg Baltic Sea Region Session: Results, Challenges and Joint Priorities at XIX All-Russia Forum of Strategic Planning Leaders

Virtual Meeting & Physical Meeting
Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the work in the Russian National Sub-Committee of the Programme.


This year, the session of Interreg Baltic Sea Region Dialogues celebrates the 20th anniversary of the work in the Russian National Sub-Committee of the Programme. Representatives of the Russian regions in the Programme share achievements of Interreg projects that make them proud.

Following this, we look into some examples of transnational cooperation projects. In this session Russian and EU partners from EcoDesign Circle 4.0FanpLESStic-sea and Lucia share solutions they develop in their projects and how they validate the usefulness of these solutions for their cities and regions.

We also talk about the future of transnational cooperation in the Baltic Sea region: what the upcoming programme period 2021-2027 brings for us. The Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat of the Programme present the Programme’s thematic priorities ‘Innovative societies’, ‘Water-smart societies’, and ‘Climate-neutral societies’. We also look into types of cooperation projects: what activities can be planned in new projects. The members of the Russian National Sub-Committee share their expectations to future projects.

The Interreg Baltic Sea Region session is organised by the Ministries of Economic Development and foreign affairs of the Russian Federation, the Leontief Centre and the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat of the Programme.

For inquiries concerning the participation please contact Elena Belova or Elena Kolosova.


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