First regional pilot stakeholder meetings on fisheries in the changing environment of the Bothnian Sea (Finland)

Project: Baltic Sea2Land
Virtual event
How do you want commercial fisheries and OWP to be considered in the Bothnian Regional Plans of 2050
  • Date
    08. - 09. November 2023
  • Organiser
    Regional Council of Southwest Finland in collaboration with the Regional Council of Lapland, the Council of Oulu Region, Ostrobothnia
  • Venue
    • Virtual event


During autumn 2023, workshops were organised along the Gulf of Bothnia coast in Rauma, Vaasa, Oulu and Tornio. Professional fishermen and their representative organisations, wind power developers and planners from municipalities, Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY) and regional associations were invited to the workshops. The aim was to find a common vision on how to coordinate the development of commercial fishing, migratory fish and offshore wind power (OWP) in a sustainable way. Discussions focused on a solution-oriented approach, i.e. identifying practical measures to support coordination.

The events were organised as part of the international projects Baltic Sea2Land (2023-2025, Interreg Baltic Sea Region) and MSP-GREEN (2022-2024, European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund) for the coordination of maritime spatial planning cooperation. The MSP-GREEN project contributes to align maritime spatial plans to the ambition of the EGD by creating a framework for plans as marine enablers of the EGD.


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