Diverse potatoes

Project: MainPotRe
Physical Meeting
A lecture from scientists and potato tasting prepared by students


We advocate for diversity! This includes diversity in agriculture and food. However, within all this diversity, there are certain elements we can confidently rely on in various times, and potatoes are one such element. They are efficient from the perspective of utilizing land and water resources. They are adaptable, even if we don't demand high yields from them. They are simple (requiring only two hands and fire to prepare a nutrient-rich meal) and, at the same time, diverse – from flowering to harvest time, shapes, colors, and flavors. Potatoes not only provide an excellent cocktail of nutrients rarely found in other species (including vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids), but they are also so versatile that they serve not only as a staple food or a great companion to various other foods but can also be used in desserts.

Beyond their role as a dietary staple, potatoes are an excellent raw material for various materials like bioplastics and a source of energy (biofuel can even be produced from residues generated during potato processing). The event is designed for not only those who love potatoes but also for skeptics. Come and learn more about this reliable tuber than you've ever known before! Scientifically grounded lectures will be prepared by scientists from the Institute of Agricultural Resources and economics, while students from Vidzeme Technical and Design School, under the guidance of outstanding teachers, will truly let you experience the diverse world of potatoes during their tasting.


    14:00 - 15:00
    Diverse potato What's inside of a potato, where potatoes are used, how diverse they are, and what are the types of potato preparation? Leading researcher and potato breeder Dr. agr. Ilze Skrabule from AREI will share insights on these topics
    15:00 - 16:00
    Tasting of potato varieties created in Priekuļi Under the guidance of teacher Daiga Zelča Ločmele, students from Vidzeme Technical and Design School will demonstrate their skills in preparing potatoes for the assessment of taste properties.


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