CommitClimate simulator testing in Sweden

Project: CommitClimate
Virtual Meeting & Physical Meeting
The first CommitClimate Simulator tests have been carried out in Swedish municipalities.


Last week, eight Swedish municipalities participated in a workshop to test the CommitClimate Simulator, a tool developed to simplify the calculation of carbon dioxide emissions within municipal borders. This workshop, in collaboration with Energikontor Syd and Sustainable Business Hub, provided an opportunity for municipal representatives to explore the simulator's capabilities and discuss its practical applications.

The participants focused on how the simulator can visually demonstrate to decision-makers the impact of various climate measures. This visualization is crucial for informed decision-making regarding policies aimed at reducing carbon emissions. By using real data to model potential outcomes, the simulator helps clarify the direct effects of different strategies on a municipality's climate footprint.

Additionally, a simpler version of the simulator is being developed for municipality household residents. This version will enable individuals to see how their personal actions affect the municipality's overall climate footprint. The goal is to encourage community engagement and empower residents to contribute to local climate action, ensuring a collective effort towards reducing emissions and combating climate change at a local level.


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