Coffee with KISMET #13

Project: KISMET
Virtual event
Get to know SmartHoods – an initiative pioneering self-sufficient neighbourhoods!


#SmartHoods aims to transform living environments by creating neighbourhoods where all food, water, and energy flows are circularly connected. Residents generate electricity and heat sustainably, purify their water for reuse, and grow vegetables and fish through an integrated aquaponics system. 🔝

This innovative approach reduces the ecological footprint by approximately 40%, offering a blueprint for the future of sustainable community development.

We will have a chance to chat with Florijn de Graaf – the founder and regenerative systems engineer at SmartHoods.

With a background in sustainable energy engineering, Florijn has dedicated his career to engineering self-sufficient communities. His work integrates renewable energy, water purification, and food production systems to create resilient, high-tech, and decentralized neighbourhoods. Through SmartHoods, Florijn aims to set a new standard for living, promoting sustainability and community autonomy.


⏰ When? 27th of June, 9:00 CEST/10:00 EEST

💡 Where? Online, register and receive a Zoom link here:



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