Coffee with KISMET #1

Project: KISMET
Virtual event
The international initiative KISMET kicks off a new knowledge exchange format \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\


Coffee with KISMET #1

With the first event of the new event format \"Coffee with KISMET\", the project partnership presents a great opportunity for stakeholders interested in the future of food to get valuable insights from ecosystem leaders in the Baltic Sea region and beyond.

To open the series of events we have invited guests from Lithuania – Kauno Grūdai, one of the largest food manufacturers in the country, counting more than 130 years of history and experience. The company has a significant presence not only in Lithuania but also in international markets.

In Coffee with KISMET on the 26th of October at 9:00 CET You will be able to hear about:


  1. ♻️Sustainability ambassadors inside the corporate structure;
  2. 🌾Best cases of products, packaging, and ideas for the future;
  3. 🐓Vilnius poultry national quality standard and how to create a competitive environment for local products.


Interested? Register now and receive the link to the Zoom meeting directly in your email.


Keen to know more about the company? Read more about their sustainability strategy here:


☕️ Let’s have a coffee together with KISMET! ☕️


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