Baltic Sea Power for Regional Green Growth

Project: CEforestry
Physical Meeting
This was an event under the Swedish presidency on environmentally friendly growth in the Region


    09:00 - 16:00
    An area with a lot of potential for transnational collaboration
    Transnational, cross-sectoral, multi-level collaboration to secure a sustainable energy supply, drive green transition and achieve local growth are key elements in the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

    On May 16 some 60 stakeholders from Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Sweden gathered in the Swedish city of Karlskrona to share experiences and discuss collaboration. The seminar was hosted by Euroregion Baltic, Nordic Council of Ministers, Norden Association Sweden and Region Blekinge.

    Among participants were representatives from the industry, politicians, national agencies, regional and local authorities. Present were also three Policy Area Coordinators from respective PA Energy, PA Bioeconomy and PA Education. The Swedish National Coordinator also took part in the seminar.

    The development of offshore power generation (wind and hybrid), connecting new infrastructure, and servicing an expanding energy sector offers many opportunities to regions bordering the Baltic Sea. The vivid discussions focused on how we can best support and make the most of the green growth associated with the powerful Baltic Sea. Topics such as competence supply, security, joint planning and technology were discussed, and all agreed that this is an area with a lot of potential for transnational collaboration.

    Written by Anders Bergström, Policy Area Education Coordinator


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