Great project pictures that tell great Interreg stories!

30 Sep 2020

More than seventy pictures competed in the Interreg Baltic Sea Region photo competition. Which projects were the best in illustrating transnational cooperation, grasping the essence of a project and its result, and presenting the 30th anniversary of Interreg? Congratulations to the teams of BalticRIM, RESQU2, Baltic Game Industry, EcoDesign Circle and GoSmart BSR!

Best pictures are #MadeWithInterreg

Great pictures inspire, great pictures encourage reflections and make others relate to the topic more easily. Great pictures help reflect on the achievements and illustrate even most complex matters. This year, the projects submit their great pictures in four categories: “Cooperation”, “Your project in one picture”, “Your project result in use” and “30 (years of Interreg)”.

Out of 73 submitted pictures, the jury of the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat (MA/JS) selected one best picture in each category. In parallel, all pictures submitted in the photo competition were shared with the Programme followers on Facebook for public voting.

Best picture in the category: “Cooperation”

©Atlantic Branch of the P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences: Vadim Sivkov


Project: BalticRIM
This picture shows stakeholders playing the developed business game (under the project BalticRIM) Maritime spatial planning & Maritime Cultural Heritage – planners and archaeologists are working together to jointly develop commonly agreed spatial planning perspectives for Maritime Cultural Heritage.

Picture submitted by Kamila Zalesiak

More information about the BalticRIM project you will find in the project library.

Best picture in the category: “Your project in one picture”

©Jarno Lehtoranta


Project platform: ResQU2
This picture illustrates saving people across borders. Authorities around the Baltic Sea region cooperate for better preparedness in case of maritime incidents. Best practices and operational plans are being shared.

Picture submitted by Mariikka Whiteman

More information about the ResQU2 project platform you will find in the project library.

Best picture in the category: “Your project result in use”

© Centrum Balticum Foundation


Project: Baltic Game Industry
The picture shows Friedrich Shadow of HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences, testing the virtual reality (VR) application “AlcAvoid”. This alcohol avoidance therapy application has been developed as part of the EU-Interreg project Baltic Game Industry by the game design unit of HTW Berlin in close cooperation with three partner clinics in Germany, Denmark and Poland. Expanding potential market opportunities beyond the traditional games sector and upgrading the portfolios of game companies is one of the key objectives of the BGI project.

Picture submitted by Felix Lang

More information about the Baltic Game Industry project you will find in the project library.

Best picture in the category: 30 (years of Interreg)

© Lithuanian Design Forum & Roadshow EcoDesign contributers


Project: EcoDesign Circle
In the picture, the travelling exhibition of the EcoDesign Circle “rECOnsider design” is presented with 30 inspiring cases to raise awareness of the opportunities of circular economy for the broad public. This travelling exhibition showed examples from the Baltic Sea region and was shown between the Arctic Circle and Berlin – one way to bring our region and different actors together and learn from each other.

Picture submitted by Conrad Dorer

More information about the EcoDesign Circle 4.0 project you will find in the project library.

Best picture in the public vote

© Uģis Brālēns


Project: GoSmart BSR
The picture by GoSmart BSR is the highest rated picture (more than 100 clicks!) in the public vote on Facebook. It’s the second time that GoSmart BSR has managed to mobilise its community so well to win the public vote: congratulations!

What’s in the picture? Seeing people and their emotions has such an important role of every initiative, collaboration and project. Emotions which covered the room of Vidzeme Innovation conference in Latvia, organized and visited by GoSmart BSR project partners, clearly shows how people can and should react when a great partners, ideas and stories appear on the horizon. 30 years of Interreg is a success, and we know how to celebrate success!

Picture submitted by Elżbieta Krawczyk-Dembicka

More information about the GoSMART BSR project you will find in the project library.

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