A storymap #MadeWithInterreg

Nov 9, 2020

2020 has seen a striking rise in digital communication, as physical meetings became impossible in international contexts such as Interreg cooperation. The new storymap #MadeWithInterreg is one such example of digital communication. It was set-up jointly by 13 transnational Interreg Programmes and Interreg Europe and provides those interested in Interreg project achievements with access to the best compilation of results that each Programme offers.

The storymap invites you to take a virtual walk across the map of transnational Interreg cooperation in Europe and beyond. The map was compiled jointly by 14 Interreg Programmes under the lead of Interreg Baltic Sea Region and Interreg Atlantic Area facilitated by INTERact – we, too, cooperate because we believe that together is better.


The storymap is our way to celebrate the 30 years of Interreg in the times when physical meetings cannot take place. Let us take you on a trip across Interreg transnational cooperation. Take a stop in 14 Programme areas to click and dive into project stories, videos and even searchable libraries. Find out about peculiarities about all programme areas. Explore the achievements that are useful in your region.


Article: Stefanie Maack & Anna Galyga (Interreg Baltic Sea Region Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat) and Carla Guimaraez (Interreg Atlantic Area Joint Secretariat)