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Interreg makes an impact!

Explore how people in the Baltic Sea region have been benefitting from our projects.

What are we doing?

In Interreg, we connect people, sectors and governance levels across the region. We create opportunities for people in various organisations to work together in joint projects. These connections and care for shared topic often transcend into long-lasting and trusted cooperation networks in the region.

Why is it special?

Our projects tackle issues that matter to the people in the region. Ultimately, people are the ones who benefit from them. Yet, our Programme is more than funding individual projects. We empower public administrations to drive a systemic transition to a green and resilient region, making use of shared solutions and boosted competences of all players involved.

How do we do it?

At least three partners from three Programme countries team up in a joint project (ten on average, though). Working hand in hand with target groups, these partnerships ensure direct transfer and implementation of joint solutions across the region and/or prepare grounds to make it happen. In response to people’s need, they often trigger policy change, too.

Tailored #MadeWithInterreg solutions for the Baltic Sea region

Why worth it?

It is the only programme from Cohesion Policy which offers cross-country, cross-sectoral and cross-goverance solutions for the region. 

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